Franklyn's Field

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Franklyn’s Field is a neighborhood park located on North James Street, Black River Boulevard, East Pine and East Locust Streets. Along with Pinti Field, it is one of the two most utilized parks in the city, and the NEW home to the Wednesday Farmer’s Market and evening Yoga in the Park!

Franklyn’s Field, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010, features: •Playground with two distinct play structures one geared for children ages 5-12 and another designed for children ages 2-5; •A clubhouse with a variety of activity tables and games; •A regulation baseball field and one smaller practice baseball field; •Four lighted tennis courts, for anytime play; •A 2 newly installed basketball courts •Several acres of open space.

As a result of its location and amenities, Franklyn’s Field hosts several city recreational programs and several Rome City School District activities and programs. The park has frontage along all four streets with high visibility from all vantage points. It is open from morning to dusk and is served by two small parking lots with room for roughly 10 cars each as well as on-street parking.

In addition to the lighted tennis courts and security-lit basketball court, the park has security lighting around the clubhouse and some additional security lighting around the perimeter of the park. Over the past several years the park has received heavy usage, attracting more than 30,000 playground visitors during each of the past several years.

Farmer's Market